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Jacques Tange.

Featured Artist


In 1960, Jacques Tange was born in Vlissingen, where he spent most of his childhood painting and drawing while learning complex aspects like perspectives and depth in art with the goal to become a successful artist. Jacques enrolled at the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam after graduating from high school, but quickly decided he needed more freedom in his work. Because of this, he made the step toward the Vrije Academy in The Hague. Since 1985, Jacques has been working in his own studio in Schiedam, turning his aspiration to be an artist into a reality. Tange has captivated a broad audience with his paintings over the course of his 35-year career.


The Rolling Stones wanted his artwork to be displayed in their hotel room, and even the Dutch Royal Family had a Tange hanging on their wall. He was also requested to create the official poster for the Christmas circus in Carré. Jacques won the Dutch "Artist of the Year" award in 2005, and most recently, he won "Best in Show" at the Taiwan Art Fair "Art Revolution Taipei."

Jacques frequently exports his artwork to the United States, Mexico, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, and Taiwan in addition to continuing to add to his already massive collection. The most recent addition to his current collection are the digitized versions of his existing work. With these digital assets, Tange aspires to enter the NFT market and attract an entirely new audience next to his existing followers.

Together with Grypto, Tange digitized his physical oil & acrylic paintings and searched for the right marketplace and audience for his assets. You can soon find his collection on the marketplace Foundation. 

Keep an eye on our website for more information, and get in touch to become our next featured artist and successful NFT vendor!

Jacques' NFT collection.

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